ReVision 2020

A National Strategy for Sustainable Mauritius

Foreword by the Governor

Retro-Vision 2020
Defining success
Our place in history
Our place in the world
Making diversity a strength
A new legal framework
Renewing democracy
Fair taxation
Sustainable development
Recognising our natural resources
Restoring our reefs
Reinventing tourism
Leisure and re-creation
Zoological society
Exploring our ocean
Fishing forever
Nutritional security
Saving our soils
Educational revolution
Healthy balance
Eliminating poverty
Redevelopment and rewilding
Transport today and tomorrow
Fuelling the future
Energy roadmap
Waste not, want not
Science and research
Hand made in Mauritius
Serving others
Chagos and UNESCO

Kreol in schools

Submission from “We Love Mauritius” (WeLuvMu) at the request of the Ministry of Education on the subject of:

The Introduction of Kreol Language in Schools

We Love Mauritius” is a charitable Mauritian NGO, operating, amongst others, in the field of human rights. We have responded to the invitation to submit views on the introduction of Kreol in schools by organising a virtual focus group to canvas the views of our members who are interested in the subject. We highlight the opinions that were expressed and then move on to a detailed analysis of the issues involved that attempts both to encompass and reflect these opinions and also shed new light on the debate.

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The Chagos Issue

While the debate about what to do with the Chagos archipelago and its former population continues to rage, there are a few points about which all parties agree:

  • The British behaved shamefully, if not illegally, in depopulating the islands at the request of the Americans.
  • The archipelago is rightfully part of the Republic of Mauritius and will be restored to Mauritius when the British no longer have need of it for “defensive purposes”.
  • The Chagossians deserve full compensation for the wrongs they have suffered.

Why are environmentalists welcoming the declaration of the waters around the archipelago as a Marine Protected Area (MPA) and how might this provide the key to the long term solution? Continue reading

A Beginner’s Guide to CSR

Mauritius is the first country in the world to require businesses to donate a portion of their profits to NGOs or government projects in the name of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). So what is behind this innovative legislation and what might be its consequences? To answer these questions, let us lay aside our preconceived ideas about CSR and explore the concept from first principles by comparing good businesses with good people. Continue reading

Tourism Strategy

We Love Mauritius posed a number of questions to Xavier Duval, Minister of Tourism and Leisure, about his strategy for the sector. Our purpose was to ascertain its compatibility with the Prime Minister’s vision of Maurice Ile Durable. He delegated the Ministry’s response to Sunil Kowlessur, Principle Tourism Planner. Here is what he had to say along with our assessments. Continue reading

Mauritius: A Sickening Society

While waste and energy grab the headlines, there is another threat to our way of life whose consequences are at least as severe. Our society is sick and without the proper treatment it will only get worse.

  • Symptom: increasing spread of HIV
  • Highest prevalence: intravenous drug users (IDUs), sex workers
  • At risk groups: wider population, tourists
  • Vectors: shared syringes, unsafe sex

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