ReVision 2020

A National Strategy for Sustainable Mauritius

Foreword by the Governor

Retro-Vision 2020
Defining success
Our place in history
Our place in the world
Making diversity a strength
A new legal framework
Renewing democracy
Fair taxation
Sustainable development
Recognising our natural resources
Preserving our beaches
Restoring our reefs
Reinventing tourism
Leisure and re-creation
Zoological society
Exploring our ocean
Fishing forever
Nutritional security
Saving our soils
Educational revolution
Healthy balance
Eliminating poverty
Redevelopment and rewilding
Transport today and tomorrow
Energy strategy
Fuelling the future
Energy roadmap
Waste not, want not
Science and research
Hand made in Mauritius
Serving others
Chagos and UNESCO



  1. Christel Sam

    Dear Dr Mu,

    Thank you for doing all this research.
    It was a much needed initiative,and I am infinitely glad that you conducted it.
    The only comment I would make is that it is hard to see the difference between crowd-sourced information and interpretation.
    As a professional wanting to participate in this effort I think it is important to have first hand information, or to know the process through which all this was gathered and conveyed.

  2. Dr Mu

    Christel, this work is far from complete. Pick a chapter heading and add your comments. Become part of the crowd. Because this exercise is about imagining the future, we are not gathering data but rather personal perspectives and opinions. The process itself will evolve as more people participate.

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